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Because sharing knowledge is powerful.

And laughter heals.

I'm a working mother of three living in Denver. When the pandemic hit us in 2020, I found myself struggling along with the rest of the world to figure things out. I spent many hours researching topics that were important to my personal life, and I wanted an easy way to provide that research to others who might be in a similar situation. I was racking my brain for new ideas to keep my kids happy and occupied, and I wanted an easy way to share that with both my family and others. I also desperately needed to remind myself to maintain a sense of  humor, and I often don't see the humor in the heat of the moment. When I tell the story, though, there it is, clear as day. And so, this website began as a way to ground myself and share information while connecting with the outside world.

Here, you will find my tales of where I sat in time and space for a bit -- my stories. My goal is that you will find some good nuggets of useful information or ideas here, or that a blog post might make you chuckle. If you catch a glimpse of yourself in my stories, I hope it makes you feel grounded and connected, knowing that you are not alone.


From my family den to yours. Thank you for visiting.

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